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HS Host Monitor is an IP network monitoring software for Windows which allows you to monitor up down status IP hosts on local LAN and on the Internet. Host Monitor software consists of a server network monitoring application for Windows and a GUI client monitoring application that connects to the server. HS Host Monitor server and the client can be installed on the same or on different computers. An operator can manage the test items and see the current status of the monitored hosts (monitored items): up or down, receive events in real time and inspect old events. The up / down events for all monitored hosts are saved in an SQL database at the server side. HS Host Monitor server, if configured to do so, sends email notifications to network administrator about the status change of monitored items, that include event timestamp, monitored items description, IP address / hostname and event text. Features: - Up to 100 monitored items (IP hosts) - Host Monitor server remotely controlled by Host Monitor Client - Real time event notifications about the status of monitored hosts - Administrator sees which hosts are down clearly - Monitor using ICMP ping or TCP - Configurable test interval and number of retries - Optional email notifications sent to network administrator on test items up or down - HS Host Monitor Server auto starts with Windows and runs hidden with an icon in system tray - Host Event history, an operator can specify event depth

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